Paolo Panicucci

PostDoc Researcher



Dr. Paolo Panicucci received a BSc in Aerospace engineering in 2014 from La Sapienza University of Rome. He received a MSc in space engineering in 2017 from La Sapienza University of Rome and from ISAE-SUPAERO in the framework of a double degree program. He received a Research Master in Control System and Image Processing from Paris-Saclay University and ISAE-SUPAERO in 2017. During his PhD, entitled "Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation and Shape Reconstruction during the Approach Phase", he developed methods to reconstruct the asteroid shape fusing limbs and tracked feature, localize the spacecraft with respect to the asteroid-fixed reference frame, to estimate its rotational dynamics from features, and to quantify the uncertainties on the shape-inferred gravity field models.


Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics at ISAE-SUPAEROResearch Master in Control and Image Processing at ISAE-SUPAERO & Paris-Saclay UniversityDiplôme d'ingénieur (M.Sc. equivalent) in Space Engineering at ISAE-SUPAEROM.Sc. in Space Engineering at La SapienzaB.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering at La Sapienza

Research Lines

GNC, Computer Vision, Robotics, Uncertainty Quantification, Small Bodies Exploration, Autonomy

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