Antonio Rizza

PhD Student


Antonio Rizza is a PhD Student at Politecnico di Milano with a strong background in System Engineering, Attitude Orbit and Control Systems, Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise methodologies. Since November 2020 he is a member of the DART team where he contributed, as main coordinator and maintainer, to the development of six-degrees-of-freedom general purpose AOCS simulators. His research interest is focused on CubeSats autonomous proximity operations to small Solar System bodies. He was GNC Engineer for Milani phase A, B and C and will be AOCS Engineer for LUMIO mission phase B.


M.Sc. in Space Engineering at Politecnico di MilanoB.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

Research Lines

Autonomous exploration of small Solar System bodies Autonomous AOCS subsystems for interplanetary CubeSats

Relevant Projects

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